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The Homeowner Cost Of Living (HCOL) monthly data package.
It corrects the government’s Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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What can SMR data do for you?

You need accurate data. For risk management, for investment, for marketing.

You need to know the risks. To be able to assess values properly. To know where to find the best prospective clients. And you need to speed up your research and marketing cycle to bring your products to market ahead of the competition.

SMR Research uses nationwide property databases and predictive models to enhance public records and to provide in-depth information on commercial properties, companies, and residential properties.


Using this data, you will be able to:

Obtain a more detailed view of companies, properties, and type or business
Understand the financial, regulatory, or location-based risks of a company or building
Perform more accurate valuations of residential properties
Identify property owners who are likely to sell or refinance
Use multiple relevant factors to target potential customers
Complete your research with less time and expense
Perceive market trends that can affect your future business
Another big thing we do here at SMR Research - If you're looking to find out who of your clients may be looking to refinance, take out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or something else of the like, our propensity scores can help you with that! We can match and append your list using our scores, for a more tailored marketing approach.


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What Kind of Information Does SMR Offer?

Quick multi-media overview.


Commercial Property Data, Enhanced.

Our database of commercial properties provides you with much more than just the tax assessor information. We fill in gaps, correct errors, and provide information you won't find in the public records.



SMR's database of residential properties can provide valuable insights for lenders, insurers, or real estate professionals. We provide more detail and accuracy than can be found in the public tax assessor records.



A company may have risks that you don't know about, based on location, regulatory violations, financial or other factors. SMR has compiled a database of risks associated with companies across the US.



Code violations can tell you a great deal about a building and its neighborhood. SMR has gathered millions of code violation records from across the country into a single database.



How likely is it that a company will go out of business in five years? Ten years? Twenty? SMR has collected and tested data that we believe provides reliable predictions.



The market for home equity loans is challenging. SMR's residential data can identify the homeowners most likely to say "yes" to a line of credit or loan offering.