It’s nice to know who lives where, and we have owner names for virtually every house in the USA.

But that’s just startup information if your company makes loans, writes insurance, or provides some other product or service to home owners.

● Who is most likely, over the next six months, to need a mortgage refinance or a home equity loan?
It was in 2004 that SMR invented the process of selecting the right target audience for these products with four multiple regression models.
● Who might soon move?
They’ll need everything from new homeowner’s insurance to furnishings, and very likely a purchase mortgage loan.

We have data on over 2 million homes for sale or under contract – nearly all of them folks who will soon be moving. And, we have a model that forecasts who might next want to move, even if they haven’t yet put their homes on the market.
● Which homes have the highest estimated market values?
We have great estimates based on comparable sales.
● Which homeowner households have high liquid assets?
These are great candidates for CD's and savings deposits, among other things, based on our TLA Score.
● Which homeowner households have the highest incomes?
We have these estimates, too.
● Which property owners might be having some financial stress?
We have notices of mortgage default, delinquency on paying property taxes, and a borrower’s history of obtaining loans from pure-play subprime lenders.
● Who has a roof that will soon need replacement?
We typically know when the house was built and often when it was last remodeled. And we have other house characteristics – the type of house, number of stories, square footage, and much more.
● Which consumers live in places governed by a homeowners association?
How much must they pay in dues or fees? We typically have this information as well.
● Which residential properties have a home business?
We have a comprehensive, up to date list of who has a business in their home.

There are dozens of key questions that raw public records data just don’t answer. We add these answers and, in the process, convert a mass of generalized information into something really useful.

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