We’ve been around since 1984. Over that time, we’ve made some significant accomplishments, even if often by operating in the background behind our clients and partners.


SMR published a study titled “The Consolidation of the U.S. Mortgage Industry.” It was the first to forecast a market share consolidation trend that has since proven to be the most important change in the industry’s history.


We were first to compute personal bankruptcy filing rates per capita by county, metro area, and state so that all places could be compared apples-to-apples. Our finding that certain places (like Memphis, TN) consistently had the highest rates despite overall healthy economies ultimately led to changes in U.S. bankruptcy law.

SMR’s ongoing bankruptcy research was utilized by Congress to consider changes to federal bankruptcy law. A reform bill passed and was signed into law in 2005.

SMR applied forecasting techniques to client-supplied data in the debt collection business, estimating the worth of pools of debt for sale and also which debtors were most likely to pay.


We published a study subtitled “The Housing Bubble Is Real.” It was one of the earliest warnings about the fall in home values that began 3 years later.

Another SMR study warned of a “perfect storm” ahead in mortgage credit quality – the first prediction of the crisis that would cause the Great Recession.

SMR began scoring individual home owners for likelihood to obtain mortgage refinances and home equity loans in partnership with a leading real estate data vendor. It was an entirely new concept.

SMR developed a model effective over time in forecasting where home values were in jeopardy of depreciation.


SMR expanded into commercial real estate in partnership with another national data vendor. It was the largest-ever effort to correct errors and omissions in public record data.

A new partnership with another firm enabled us to develop more than 20 new facts and estimates on residential homeowners that no one else had. SMR’s databank on 103 million residential real estate properties is now the most comprehensive of its kind.


SMR makes the tenant, and company risk data available through Amazon Web Services.


Our Team

James Kasprzak is SMR's President and CEO. With over three decades of information technology experience, Jim has provided business analysis and solutions design for the finance and life sciences industries. He studied computer science and physics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Stuart A. Feldstein is Co-founder and President Emeritus of SMR. He is a former editor at Business Week magazine and has been a frequent speaker at financial conventions and meetings. Mr. Feldstein is a graduate of Kent State University.

Michele Hodzic is Senior Data Analyst. She assists in our Residential Data Operations and web site development and is a graduate of Seton Hall University.

Erin Tynan is Chief Administrative Officer at SMR and is the Property Manager at our associated firm, Taita Management LLC. She also assists with our tenants database. Erin receieved her Bachelors Degree in Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation from Champlain College.

Karlo Fernandez is a Software Engineer supporting our data products. He was previously at Summitworks Technologies and Red Paladin Cloud Services, and holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University.

Thomas Mundy is Database Manager. He assists in the maintenance and development of the Tenants Database and other SMR data products. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.