SMR has put together a proprietary database of over 23 million U.S. companies, schools, and other institutions from more than 350 public records sources.

One use for this is to understand which tenants are in which commercial buildings. So, for lack of any better name, we call it the Tenant Database.

We do not include individual tenants in apartment buildings; only businesses and institutions.

You may be thinking: This is nothing new. Other information companies also have mega-sized lists of U.S. companies, large and small.

They do. But ours is a little different.

A “standard” companies database will have one record for McDonald’s Corp., showing its headquarters in Illinois.

We have that, too, but also thousands of additional records for individual McDonald’s units across the country – often gleaned from public food inspection records. Chain store locations are important!

Similarly, a typical companies database is limited to commercial enterprises.

But if your purpose is to understand who’s in any commercial building, you must add in schools, post offices, fire departments, and other non-business entities. We do.

The database keeps on growing.

We have data on most U.S. companies from one source or another.

We have especially complete coverage of certain categories: 100% of U.S doctors’ offices, tax preparation offices, bank branches, dentist offices, hospitals, public K-12 schools, private schools, gun dealers, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, and gas stations. Coverage is close to complete in manufacturing and in many other categories.

What do we know about these outfits?

More than 75% of the time, we know how long they’ve been in business – a key indicator of stability. We often have senior officer names, type of business descriptions, non-profit indicators, and postal-verified zip+4 addresses.

Unlike most other company files, we can link our records to our own commercial property database, bringing in dozens of location-based details: building sizes and values, building owners, and much more.

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