Although we are focused mainly on real estate data, we do other work as well.

● SMR was among the first firms to apply predictive modeling in the debt collection business.

● SMR has done extensive research on bankruptcy filings, including consultation for the American Bankers Association and in support of federal bankruptcy law reform.

● We’ve applied our modeling techniques to assist charities in identifying the best prospects for large donations.

Whatever your company does, or is, predictive modeling can pinpoint best customer prospects, improve risk analysis, and otherwise improve sales and earnings.

And, there is one key difference between SMR’s forecasting and those of many other firms.

The difference is that we often can apply our models to our own data, since we have highly detailed records on all homeowners and all commercial properties. Other modeling firms often lack in-house access to tens of millions of consumer and business records.

In other words, we can create scoring algorithms – and also can deliver the prospect names and addresses you would want based on those scores.