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    Home Equity Loans, 2013 is now available for purchase.

    Many changes are underway in home equity lending.  For the first time since 2006, home equity loan production is now increasing.  But outstandings have fallen to a sharp new low due to mortgage refinance pre-payments.  And, the recent improvement trend in credit quality has stopped. 

    This study measures all these changes and analyzes the reasons and the implications.

    In the background, a huge swell is developing in Helocs reaching their 10-year maturity dates.  Most of these will shift to fully amortizing loans requiring higher monthly payments.  For credit, this is a big concern; for loan marketing, it's the opportunity of a lifetime.  In a special section , we  count the number of Heloc borrowers who will reach the 10-year maturity date on their loans in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, and we look at their geographical dispersion.

    The study also includes our annual industry metrics and Top 100 player rankings.  We show competitor details by lender: portfolio sizes, market shares, delinquency, and Heloc draw down rates, with breakouts for Heloc and closed-end loans. 

Published in May, 2013.

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