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    Home Equity Loans, 2011 is now available for purchase.

    Our annual study of the home equity lending industry ranks the Top 100 players in all sorts of ways:  Helocs versus closed-end junior liens, delinquency and net chargeoff data by company, and more.  We update our key industry metrics, the only source for historical and current home equity measures.

    The industry remains locked in difficulty.  Receivables and originations are declining; earnings are still being ruined by credit losses.  Our new outlook for home values is bleak, especially because of new federal regulatory moves described in the study.

    So, this year's study is focused mainly on how to succeed in tough times.  We describe and analyze a whole series of strategies, available to any lender, to bring back profitable growth quickly.  We also measure two important new consumer borrowing trends that are creating tomorrow's equity-rich base of home equity customers.

    The optional Volume 2 Supplement ranks best and worst local home equity markets for 198 metro areas.  It has been revised this year to include new data on two credit-safe opportunity segments, which have never been disclosed before.

Published in May, 2011.

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