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    Home Equity Loans, 2010:  Loss Mitigation, is our annual study of the home equity lending industry, with a special focus this year on loss mitigation.

    The study is now available for purchase.

    This study ranks all leading lenders, sets the size of the market, covers key business trends, bad loan data by company, and includes our market size and originations forecasts.

    A special 27-page section, Home Equity Loan Foreclosures:  Risk Variables And Their Correlation, reviews the causes of foreclosure in 2009 among more than 16 million home equity loan borrowers.  Results provide a road map to risk-avoidance using data beyond what the credit bureaus have.

    The optional supplement, Finding Low-Risk Home Equity Customers, creates a "cascade" of counts within each of 344 major U.S. counties. Utilizing several variables, including CLTV ratios, the study shows where low-risk potential borrowers are located and how many exist.

Published in May, 2010.

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